“Susanne is a bright, articulate communicator of the Gospel.  More than that, she has an easily identified passion for Christ and for His family, especially for His broken children.  I have seen Susanne hold an audience spellbound, and I have seen her pour her heart into one hurting individual.  She is adept at both and used by God greatly in either situation.  I am grateful for her ministry to me and to the Kingdom.”

Mike Courtney, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Branches Recovery Center
Murfreesboro, TN

“It was a privilege to have Susanne Hughes as a guest speaker at one of our ladies’ events.  She is doctrinally sound and is gifted for discerning God’s Word.  Susanne delivers a strong, relevant message for women today.  Because of her personal testimony, she is able to impart God’s truth to overcome the strongholds in your life, as well as the everyday struggles you face.”

Beckie Rhodes
Women’s Ministry Chairperson
First Baptist Church
Moss Bluff, LA

“I have had an opportunity to closely observe Susanne in her Christian walk…and have found her to be a woman of integrity, compassion, concern, and conviction.  I have no hesitation in recommending Susanne to you.”

Steve James
Senior Pastor
Trinity Baptist Church
Lake Charles, LA

“I have had the privilege to hear, read, and share Susanne Hughes’ teachings.  As a speaker she, without waiver, delivers God’s timely Word that is both powerful and applicable to everyday struggles and everyday victories. As an author, she has provided a much needed resource in Rescue Scriptures, God’s Word categorically organized for a direct answer in any and every circumstance. As well as being changed personally through her teachings, I have been blessed to share them at our counseling center and in Bible study.”

Amy Connor, BA
Licensed Pastoral Counselor
Branches at the Beach
St. Augustine, FL

“Through God’s leading, Susanne tremendously impacted the lives of the women who attended our ‘Imagine’ Women’s Conference.  She spoke with such compassion, transparency, and purpose.  She had confidence in speaking the Truth and enlightening us to God’s mercy and grace.  Her testimony is proof that God can use the pain from our past to bring Himself glory.”

Brenda Douglas
God’s Girls Under Construction Ministries
Unity Free Will Baptist Church
Murfreesboro, TN

“Inviting Susanne as speaker at our Ladies’ Conference was a great decision.  Through total openness and honesty, she used her testimony to teach us of God’s faithfulness while challenging us to a deeper relationship with Him.   Her obvious love for the Lord, for His Word, and for others makes her a great speaker and teacher.  I would highly recommend her for any size conference or retreat.

Mary Jane Racca
Women’s Ministry Leader
Tom Hebert Road Baptist Church

“I have known Susanne Hughes for 20 years.  I have watched her grow in her spiritual life to the mature Christian woman she is, rooted and grounded in the Word of God.  She has a passion for God and for women to live in the freedom God has so graciously blessed us with.  Susanne is a true reflection of the grace and faithfulness of God.  I am awed, inspired, and uplifted by her surrendered heart and her powerful ministry.” 

Terri Louviere
Pastor’s Wife
Woodlawn Baptist Church
Iowa, LA

“Susanne’s willingness to allow Him to use her in service and her close walk with Him have touched my heart, but I have appreciated most her enthusiastic thirst for the Word of God.  Susanne delights in studying His Word, wanting to make sure she rightly divides it.”

Roseanna James
Bible Study Teacher
Trinity Baptist Church
Lake Charles, LA

“It is Susanne’s heart’s cry to motivate women to move from the complacent status of mere salvation into the moment by moment reality of their personal relationship with the Creator of their souls…I am certain she will have a deep spiritual impact on the hearts and lives of women she ministers to while speaking at your church.”

Danielle Adams
Women’s Ministry Team Member
First Baptist Church
Moss Bluff, LA

“Susanne Hughes is an inspiration to all women growing in the faith.  Her incredible gift of speaking enlightened every young woman present to purify themselves through the mirror of Christ.  She was a delightful breath of fresh air as she spoke absolute truth regarding her own testimony.  God’s touch of healing upon Susanne is a heartfelt reminder of God’s mercy and grace on every aspect of a woman’s life.”

Amy Palmer
GAP Women’s Retreat
Event Coordinator

“Susanne’s obvious desire to study and understand Scripture, coupled with her gift of prophecy, fuels her passion to speak the truth which she does with honesty, intensity and transparency…Her depth and wisdom are the result of much time spent at the feet of Jesus – her favorite place to be – and when she speaks of Him it is with humility and devotion.”

Stephanie McCalla
Bible Study Teacher

“Susanne is a wonderful mother, wife, and a devoted friend.  She is a woman of integrity, maturity, perseverance, a woman of prayer, and without a doubt, loves to study the Bible and share it with other women.  She relates to women with love, no matter their season of life.  It is my joy to recommend Susanne Hughes to you without any reservation.  You will be blessed beyond measure by her presence.”

Cindy Beatty
Administrative Assistant to Senior Pastor
Trinity Baptist Church
Lake Charles, LA
and Secretary, Mirror Ministries

“Susanne was such a blessing to our ‘Healing of a Woman’s Heart’ Conference.  It was evident that she was allowing the Holy Spirit to use her as she spoke and as she witnessed and counseled with several women.”

Jean Shepard
Director of Marsh Road Baptist Church
Faith Ministries
Woodbridge, VA

“Susanne is truly a wonderful woman with a heart for serving the Lord wherever He leads her.  I take great joy in recommending Susanne to you, because she will be a blessing to you and women of your church just as she has been to ours.”

Greg Bath
Associate Pastor of Evangelism and Missions
Trinity Baptist Church
Lake Charles, LA